Secrets of the Immortals

Flames of the Past
Fire Magic!

The group continued their rest in the middle of the country side as night wore on. As dawn approached Benjamin heard the sounds of dogs barking and it sounded to be getting closer. He roused the group and prepared for fight after Nostradamus instructed them that these were not typical dogs.

Soon two large wolves crested the nearby hill and began stalking closer. They seemed unaware until they caught the scent of the group laying in wait. The group quickly charged the animals with all manner of attacks. The wolves fought viciously but were killed and then shape shifted into naked human bodies. They quickly left the area to avoid any further encounters.

Taking a bus they eventually arrived in London. Traveling to Trafalgar Square to find the hidden Shadowrealm of the imprisoned Prometheus. Nostradamus lead the way seeming to follow an invisible path that lead them from the surface deep underground eventually to an enormous cavern with a volcano flowing lava into rivers all around it.

Thinking they were nearing their destination the heroes each jumped the molten river landing safely on the otherside before seeing two large hell hounds blocking their path. They were deadly creatures that ripped vicious wounds into some of the heroes but thankfully Nostradamus kept them alive using this aura. Eventually killing both of the beasts.

Feeling weary from their battle they decided to rest for an hour before continuing their climb to peak. The rest was uneventful but the journey up found them faced with large lava flows running down their pathway almost burning several party members. It was in fact a monster of some kind composed of lava but was unable to pursue the heroes as they escaped the valley they were previously in.

After sometime a large field of smooth obsidian was spotted and they proceeded with caution to the rock formation at its center. They found a man caged by obsidian there. The heroes questioned him briefly before they saw more lava monsters coming their way. They used their life forces to break the cage and free the Elder. He quickly dismissed the lava creatures and thanked the players by teaching them fire magic. Then they all left the fiery realm and returned to London where he parted ways with them say he would see them again.

Tired and hurt from their adventure the party rented a hotel room to have some privacy and safety for the night. They rested and were undisturbed. They rose early finding breakfast in the lobby of their accommodations. While eating though they got the feeling that they were being watched and noticed a man paying a lot of attention to them.

Fearing he might bring them more trouble, the group decided to return to stonehenge to travel to Africa to see the ruins that Quera had been investigating. As the boarded the bus they noticed they still had that man following them. Once they arrived in Salisbury they confronted him and he brushed them off rudely. The heroes decided they would continue anyway since they needed to leave quickly.

Stonehenge was busy with tourists but no one seemed to linger once the sounds of police sirens could be heard and a helicopter circled overhead. Nostradamus instructed the heroes to hold off any attackers while he opened the gateway. As he started to open the ley line, Machiavelli jumped from the helicopter landing with easy from an incredible height carrying the a sword of stone, Clarent. The man that had been following them was also present and attempted to shoot two of the party members. As he did that Machiavelli drove the sword into the ground causing pillars of flame to erupt beneath each hero. Seeing the battle going poorly, Nostradamus instructed the heroes to use their life force to finish opening the gateway while he held off the attackers. The group quickly finished and jumped through the portal. The last sight they could see was Nostradamus closing the portal while the others closed in on him.

The Beginning
What is going on?

Quarion, Quera, Benjamin, and Baern all journeyed to New York for various reasons and found a mysterious note leading them to the public library. There they were led, one by one, to a small room in the library by an elderly man. There he revealed himself as the writer of the note to them and a friend. He desired you all leave quickly since you were likely to have hostile company shortly. As you all attempted to leave the sounds of sirens and an evacuation alarm sounded. Fearing a trap you allowed your friend to lead you deep into the library underground. You were nearly shot by two cops there but managed to navigate the underground thanks to your friend. You finally inquire about his name to which you receive a seemingly impossible reply. He claims to be Nostradamus.

After sometime of walking you emerge from the underground and he continues to take you into a forested area. The forest grows thicker and more dense as you walk. Until suddenly it opens enough to reveal a great tree that stretches far into the sky and wider than some cities. You are quickly surrounded by a fierce group of wolves and an elderly woman greets you. She seems semihostile until Nostradamus bargains for your awakening to be performed. He addresses her as Hekate, the three faced goddess of Greek myth. She reluctantly agrees but says she cannot do anything until the morning.

You sleep in the great tree, the Yggdrasil of legends and myths. It has rooms and halls of great opulence all while seemingly grown to the needs of Hekate. Your night goes by uneventfully in the relative safety of your rooms. In the morning dryads lead you down to Hekate who is now a young girl.

She performs the awakening on each of you, bringing forth untapped power in each of you (See Life Points). You each reveal a color and scent associated with magic you draw upon. Shortly after the ritual you all go to collect your thoughts before departing. Before you can however, Machiavelli comes upon you with his chimera, beasts, and a great sword. Hekate says she can hold them off while you flee but as you flee you see the great tree being split and ripped apart by flames.

Nostradamus takes you all from the Shadowrealm that Hekate lived and back to the material plane. There you all take a cab back to New York where Nostradamus takes you to the top of the Empire State Building. He there uses his magic to open a portal to Stonehenge. You arrive nearly instantly in Stonehenge and begin to decide your best path to London. Deciding to head to nearby Salibury and catch a train you wait on the platform for the next train arrival.

As you wait suddenly a musical song fills the air. Some of you seem captivated by it but the rest of you instantly think there is a threat and turn on the cloaked figure 100 feet away on the platform. To stop the music from entrancing his new friends, Quera attempts to use the PA system to drown out the song. In breaking into the control booth an alarm sounds and frightens away the creature or person. It takes flight into the night.

From here you all decide to camp in the wilderness for the night in the event you have more enemies looking for you.


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