Benjamin Dresden

A heroin addicted paranoid schizophrenic half elf sorcerer


STR: 9 (-1) Save: -1
DEX: 13 (1) Save: +1
CON: 14 (
2) Save: 4
INT: 14 (
2) Save: 2
WIS: 14 (
2) Save: 2
CHA: 17 (
3) Save: +5

  • AC: 14
  • Initiative: +2
  • Speed: 30
  • HP: 23
  • Weapons: Q-Staff +1, 1d6; Daggers + 1, 1d4, Pepper spray, wand (spellcasting focus)

Ben was raised an only child, by a single mother unaware of his half elf heritage due to his fathers early death, a supposed suicide. After his mother died of cancer, he attended college and became a history professor. The strain of his stressful life forced symptoms of schizophrenia. After a mental breakdown in class, he was suspended from work. A student arrived at his home, and offered him drugs to keep himself in check, dragging Dresden into a heroin addiction. During a drugged haze, Ben discovered a strange book, that was empty until he cut his finger on a page’s edge. He saw a strange vision of what he assumed was his father and a flash of silver light, and was attacked by his former student while his eyes glowed yellow. Ths student was attempting to steal his book, and Ben raised his hands in defense, and flames erupted, burning the man and his house. Dresden ran away, into the night.

Benjamin Dresden

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