Quera Mantleson

Earth Genasi Monk with daddy issues


Str 12__+1
Dex 16__+3
Con 16__+3
Int 13__+1
Wis 14__+2
Cha 10__+0

AC 15

HP 41

Ki points: 4

Proficient in simple weapons & short swords

Current weapons

Saving throws strength & dexterity

Fluent in common(English), Primordial, Dwarvish, & Swahili. Can translate Thebian with study.


I’ve been on the run for years with very little information of where I come from which has driven me to study old ruins & have a deep interest in History. I tend to keep to myself & not used to many people. The few friends I have I still keep at arms length.

My aura shines Tan & smells of Cinnamon

Quera Mantleson

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