Life Points

When awakened by Hecate, the party gained the use of a source of magic that stemmed from their life source. Life points can be used to activate ley gates or to use spells to buff or modify the user in battle. Users have one life point per character level.

If more life points are expended than a character has, he risks a 50% chance of spontaneously combusting per extra life point spent

Can be regained after a long rest or short rest with food and water.

Level 1 – Apply life points on touch:
• +5 to attack and damage for 1 round
• +10 to a trained, non-mind based skill check
• +5 deflection bonus for 2 rounds

Level 2:
• +10 to an mind based skill check
• +60 foot movement for 2 rounds
• Aura Illumination 4 hours 60ft

Level 3:
• Minor Elemental Control (10ft^3)
• open ley lines (5 rounds)

Level 4:
• Heal others for +4d6
• Apply any feat for 10 minutes

Level 5 – Apply life points at range of 10 feet:
• Arcane sight (applies to people and creatures but not items)
• Give an item an additional +1 properties for 10 minutes
• Transfer Life Points 1 to 1

Life Points

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